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Here is a list of helpful and informational articles about fitness, Pilates, personal training, our studio, diet, and many other health-related issues. Enjoy!

Pilates for a “Fitter You”

Get Your Summer Beach Body Ready During the Winter
Pilates vs. Yoga: Which is Best for You
3 ways Pilates are good for you
Pilates and Yoga have both been around a long time
Improve your everyday life with Pilates
Start your day off right with a Pilates Class in the morning
Fitting Pilates Classes into your busy schedule
Join the Reformers Club!
What you can expect in your first Pilates class
It’s your first Pilates class – what should you bring?
What should you wear to Pilates class?
Pilates workouts for runners
Toning your abs with Pilates exercises
Is Pilates good for you? Yes. Here’s why.
Do you need special socks for Pilates?
What’s the difference? Mat vs. Reformer Pilates
Advanced Pilates classes
Pilates for millenials
What to eat before and after doing Pilates
Is Pilates a good workout for men?
Pilates for golfers
Pilates for a sculpted upper body
Pilates classes for children

Weight Loss and Diet

Fun Ways to Lose Weight for 2015
Developing a Well Rounded Weight Loss Workout Routine
Pilates + Healthy Diet = Weight Loss
How many calories can you burn with Pilates classes?
Fun Ways to Lose Weight for San Diegans
How many calories can you burn in a Pilates class?
You can lose weight with Pilates; here’s how

Our Personal Trainers

Become a certified Pilates trainer
The Hidden Value of a Personal Trainer
Our trainers are expert in the Pilates Reformer method
A trainer guides you to the best Pilates workout
What to look for in a Pilates instructor
Looking for a personal trainer in Poway, California?
How much do Pilates teachers make?

The Health-related Benefits of Pilates

Adding Pilates workouts to Parkinson’s treatment
How Pilates benefits people with scoliosis
Fibromyalgia pain relief through Pilates exercise
Learn how Pilates helps people with multiple sclerosis
Living with pelvic floor pain? Pilates can help
Pilates exercises for back pain relief
Relieving lower back pain with Pilates
Pilates can help with Fibromyalgia pain
Pilates classes for pregnant women
Pilates provides lower back pain relief
Prenatal Pilates classes near you
Is Pilates a good exercise for former smokers?
Pilates can help your brain as well as you body
Pilates for older adults
Pilates exercises for knee injuries
Pilates for cancer patients and survivors
Is Pilates a good option for injury rehab?
Menopause and Pilates
Pilates for better sleep
Improve your balance with Pilates
Can Pilates help with stroke recovery?

Pilates in the San Diego Area

Rancho Bernardo’s best Pilates studio
Pilates classes near Poway
San Diego makes healthy living easy!
Could San Diego be the Pilates fitness capital of the world?
North County Pilates Studio
How Pilates contributes to San Diego’s ranking as one of America’s fittest cities
Looking for a gym in San Diego?
Poway Pilates: Propel is your go-to studio
Could San Diego be the Pilates capital of the world?
Propel offers Free Pilates session in San Diego
Live in Poway? Get more core power with Pilates at Propel
Join the club: Pilates is hot in San Diego
Pilates near Carmel Mountain
Pilates Workout Deals in San Diego
Group exercises in Rancho Bernardo
Workout classes for Moms in the San Diego area
Pilates specials and promotions for San Diegans
Looking for discounted Pilates class rates?