It’s your first class – what should you bring?

It’s your first class – what should you bring?

Everyone is talking about how great Pilates is, so you’ve finally made the decision to see for yourself what Pilates is all about. But, what will your first Pilates class be like? What do you need to bring to class? What types of exercises will you be doing? What kind of clothing should you wear? Are there different types of Pilates classes? If you’re getting stressed out before you even pick a Pilates studio, here are some answers to help you get started on your way to improving your total body health.

There are 2 types of Pilates workouts – mat vs. equipment Pilates. Mat work is done on the floor using the minimum of equipment. The exercises are designed to work with any fitness level and are great for beginners because they help you to learn the basic, fundamental movements while helping you to gain strength and stamina as well as boost your confidence in your ability to do the exercises.

Equipment Pilates involves using a combination of springs, bars, straps and pulleys that you can opt to use once you’ve become acquainted with the fundamentals of Pilates. Some of the machines include:

  • Reformer
  • Pilates chair
  • Resistance bands
  • Cadillac/Trapeze
  • BOSU
  • Tower

Equipment Pilates classes are full body strength training workouts designed to improve your muscle tone and strength as well as joint mobility, stamina, and your overall flexibility.

The essentials

You really don’t need to bring a whole lot of gear to your Pilates class. You will need a Pilates mat, which you can purchase online or at a sporting goods or other department store. Your Pilates studio may also offer them for sale. Comfort is the key when it comes to dressing for your Pilates class. You want wear something that is stretchy enough to be able to let you move freely while exercising. A comfortable pair of sneakers and breathable socks are a good choice for footwear.

Bring a towel because you’re going to work up a healthy sweat!

Speaking to your instructor

If you live the San Diego area, your first choice for a Pilates studio should be Propel Pilates and Fitness located in Rancho Bernardo. In business since 2008, Propel Pilates is one of the largest and best equipped Pilates and personal training studio in North County San Diego.

At our studio, we offer a wide selection of small, group mat or equipment Pilates classes to fit every fitness level, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, you may opt to take some private sessions which are great if you’re a beginner or need to have a specific type of program designed just for your needs.

Check out our website for our list of classes and then go ahead and schedule your first class online. If you prefer, drop in for a visit to the studio, take a tour of our facilities, and speak with one of our qualified instructors about which of our classes would be good fit for your first Pilates class.