What you can expect in your first pilates class

What you can expect in your first pilates class

Thinking of starting a Pilates program, but not sure where to go? At Propel Pilates, we offer a variety of classes, ensuring that there is a class suited to your individual level of skill and experience. Class sizes are kept intentionally low (only 2-7 students), so that each of our clients can get the individualized help they need. Our goal is to make your exercise experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

For our new clients, we like to provide a list of what you need for your first pilates class. Our students refer to this list as Pilates 101. First, please bring a pilates mat. These can be purchased in person at any sporting goods store, or via an online company. You’ll want to stay hydrated, so be sure to bring a bottle of water, as well. There is no specific clothing required, but we recommend that you wear comfortable and breathable exercise wear that can move with you. Finally, bring your sense of adventure and a resolve to work toward a stronger and healthier body.

You can do it!

And a stronger, healthier body is just what our committed students achieve. Pilates is a whole body workout that strengthens your muscles and increases core strength, while improving flexibility and balance. Through a combination of specific equipment and exercises, along with expert coaching, our experienced staff will help you reach your individual fitness goals.

But, don’t worry about keeping up with the pack. Learning pilates with a group means you share the experience with like minded individuals who support one another in learning the routine and encourage each other to push even further. Even better, you will notice visible results after just ten sessions.

Enjoying the experience

Perhaps, the true beauty of Pilates is that it is a safe and low-impact workout that targets both the body and the mind. You will likely experience weight loss and a reduction of stress, along with the benefits mentioned above. We know that in order to stick with a routine, you must first enjoy it. And, we are confident you will.

Don’t wait another day to try the best exercise routine out there. Join us for a class at Propel Pilates, and begin your journey toward a new and improved you.