Is Pilates a good option for injury rehab?

Is Pilates a good option for injury rehab?

Pilates is one of the fastest-growing workout programs in the U.S. as well as around the world. Pilates has gained popularity due to the many benefits that it can provide — increased strength, flexibility, and agility.  But, some physicians are even recommending Pilates as part of their patient’s rehabilitation after an injury.

Many injuries to the body are the result of muscular imbalances.  These imbalances can be caused by a variety of factors — your posture, the way you walk, run, sit, bend over, lie down, or workout.  In essence, the way that you move while performing daily activities can lead to muscle injuries. If done incorrectly, moving can put a lot pressure or load on some of your muscles.

In addition, you muscles start to weaken as result of moving incorrectly which can also contribute to muscular imbalance.  These factors can make your body more vulnerable to muscle strains, pulls, and more serious injuries.

Pilates exercises work to strengthen your body’s core which is comprised of the deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles along the spine. Strengthening these muscles helps reduce and/or prevent muscular imbalances.  Pilates also works to help align your spine and pelvis which is very important when it comes to moving correctly and avoiding injury.

A flexible treatment alternative

While some of the success that Pilates has had as a form of rehabilitation is based on improving core strength and even musculature, it also provides for a greater degree of flexibility when compared to more conventional forms of PT.  

Pilates exercises can be tailored for each person which makes them extremely effective for rehab. Factors taken into consideration are how serious the injury is, the patient’s ability, and comfort level. He or she can go from basic movements to advanced levels of Pilates exercises. A good Pilates workout will help to strengthen all of the muscles that were weakened due to injury and/or bad posture.

Conventional PT often involves giving patients a set of exercises which may end up being too hard for them to tolerate because they cause too much pain. Or, the patient might not understand how to correctly position his or her body to get the maximum benefits from the exercises.

Consulting an expert

Pilates can provide many benefits as a form of rehabilitation.  However, it must be performed correctly, or it could lead to injuries.  The principles of Pilates must be applied in conjunction with precise PT techniques.

Therefore, it critical to the success of your recovery that you do your homework and choose the best Pilates instructors to help you properly recover from your injuries.

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