You can lose weight with Pilates; here’s how

You can lose weight with Pilates; here’s how

It’s common knowledge that exercise can lead to weight loss, but there is a pervasive myth surrounding the topic. Many folks believe that if they’re not huffing and puffing through a fast paced aerobics class, they’re not burning calories. In reality, along with a healthy diet, you can lose weight with Pilates classes and treat your body to a far lower impact workout. When starting Pilates for the first time, you’ll have to begin at a lower level, but as you get more adept and increase the amount of resistance, you burn more calories.

At Propel Pilates in San Diego, we offer group classes at different levels, from beginner to expert. The more often and longer you perform Pilates, the more you’ll notice your body changing shape and your clothes fitting better. If you intend to use Pilates for weight loss, we also can help with a nutrition plan that will get you there faster.

Pilates is good for more than just losing weight

Many people start to exercise with the specific goal of losing weight, but with Pilates, the benefits go far beyond that. Pilates helps to strengthen the core, which supports the spine. Back pain is one of the most common issues that brings people into our Pilates classes in San Diego. By strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine as well as abdominal muscles, the back is supported. Additionally, Pilates helps increase flexibility, improve posture, and tone every muscle group in the body.

If your main goal is weight loss, you may wonder how many calories does Pilates burn. The answer is, that’s up to you. As with any exercise plan, you get out of it what you put into it. For example, if you put in the effort and work at your peak level, you can burn over 400 calories in a one hour class.

The studio for you

When you join our studio, the first step is for our staff to get a good understanding of your goals. Are you taking on this exercise routine just for weight loss, or are you looking for other benefits as well? If your main goal is to lose weight, then we can advise you on the appropriate combination of daily activity level and diet that will help you achieve it.

Stop in or schedule your first free class at Propel today. Our updated facility and highly trained instructors can get you started on the path to a better you.