Pilates classes for children

Pilates classes for children

A recent study conducted at the National Academy of Sciences has shown that about 30% of children in the U.S. between the ages of 6 and 11 years of age are overweight and about 15% are classified as obese. Lifestyle issues including too little activity and exercise and too many calories from processed and fast foods as well as sugary drinks are the main culprits when it comes to overweight and obese children.

Pilates is a great workout that can help your child stay physically fit as well as mentally alert.  Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps to build strength, flexibility, and coordination without adding any muscle bulk.  Pilates focuses on body awareness, posture, and ease of movement as well as core strengthening and whole body fitness.

Pilates may benefit your child in a variety of ways, from boosting physical fitness to increasing concentration in the classroom. Pilates is a safe and low impact workout that can help your child to get physically fit and lose weight as well as improve his or her overall health.

The benefits of Pilates for kids

By learning to follow the six principles of Pilates which are concentration, control, precision, centering, breath, and flow, kids learn to calm themselves with breathing and to clear their minds with intention. This can help them with academics, sports, and even in their personal relationships.

Pilates helps to empower kids because it was designed as a system of exercises that increase in difficulty. Children can develop a sense of confidence and achievement by measuring their personal progress as they master more difficult exercises.

Pilates helps to teach body awareness so that kids are more connected to their bodies. They have a better awareness of how their bodies move and exist in space. By learning control and precision, they are better equipped to move more confidently through their lives.

Pilates promotes both physical as well as psychological play. Kids need to be able to move and expend energy. In addition, making connections with other peers in Pilates class can lead to other healthy and fun activities with new friends.

Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the core muscles as well as stretching and strengthening the entire body. This provides kids with the necessary physical foundations to better perform all kinds of activities with more confidence while helping to reduce the risk of injury.

Lifelong habits start early

If you’re looking for an exercise program to keep your children physically fit and on the path to continued good health, consider starting them in Pilates. A few things to think about when enrolling your child in a class:

  • The instructor should be a certified Pilates instructor and have experience working with children
  • Mat-based classes, including the use of stability balls, are more appropriate for children. Equipment-based Pilates is aimed at adults and could have safety issues for children.

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