Pilates for millenials

Pilates for millenials

What is a good age for Pilates classes? Because it’s low impact, people may mistake Pilates as something that is only beneficial for the older generation. But let’s not confuse a good workout with one that is painful, makes you sweat buckets, and has you gasping for breath. That “no pain, no gain” idea has long since been discredited. In fact, jumping around while flailing your arms (remember the old, frenetic aerobic classes?) can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on knee, ankle, and hip joints.

The truth is there are many benefits of Pilates for millenials including toning and firming muscles without having a negative impact on the joints. Truth be told, today’s young adults are in a unique position to really benefit from this whole body workout. One of the reasons millenials should do Pilates is the focus on building strong core muscles to prevent poor posture.

In this day and age of electronics, young people tend to spend a lot of their time either sitting at the computer or bending over a cell phone. Pilates encourages awareness of posture and helps counteract the bad habits that computers, tablets, and phones encourage.

Xennials too

Pilates benefits your posture in a number of ways, from improving core strength, to increasing flexibility to encouraging an awareness of how you’re holding your body. For example, while in class, your instructor will constantly give cues such as relax your shoulders, open your hips, straighten your back, etc. With each individual move, you’ll learn to be aware of the proper way to align your body and how Pilates benefits your posture.

Even if you have a job that requires being at a desk all day, you’ll find yourself automatically straightening up, engaging your core, and dropping your shoulders. Like yoga, Pilates also includes an element of mindfulness. You focus on breathing out with the exertion and in on the release. Focused breathing is a skill that you can carry out of class and into the rest of your day, offering a great stress relief tactic.

Whether you’re part of the millennial, xennial, or The Greatest Generation, how can you go wrong with a low impact workout that relieves stress, lengthens and strengthens muscles, improves posture, and builds flexibility? Pilates has something for everyone, regardless of age.

Any stage of your life

At our San Diego Pilates studio, you can find a class for every level and stage of life. Propel offers prenatal Pilates classes, which help our expecting moms stay limber and toned throughout their pregnancy and makes recovering their pre-baby bodies easier after birth.

We also offer Pilates for millenials and xennials and folks of all fitness levels. From beginners classes to advanced, there’s something for everyone. You can even sign up online.

Call or go to the website today to schedule your free introductory class, and find out how you can reap the many benefits of Pilates.