A trainer guides you to the best Pilates workout

A trainer guides you to the best Pilates workout

Whether you’re a first time exerciser or an elite athlete, Pilates has something to offer you. A Pilates workout focuses on overall muscle tone and strength, flexibility, stamina and posture, all of which support a healthy body. In particular, core Pilates strengthens the muscles of your core, around which all structures of the body are supported. A strong core promotes proper alignment of the whole musculoskeletal system, decreasing the incidence of injuries.

Each Pilates trainer at Propel Pilates has received extensive training and has many years of experience designing workouts that benefit participants of all levels. They will design a workout for you that strives to accomplish your personal goals, and will continue to refine and vary your routine, so that your body never gets to a point of complacency with any one workout.

A good Pilates studio has all the right equipment

Like so many things, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” can be applied to PIlates classes. Though many studios and gyms offer these classes, it’s important to find a Pilates studio with an experienced, friendly, and highly trained staff. The better the instructor, the more benefits you’ll realize. If you read the online bios of the trainers at Propel, you’ll see that our teachers have an impressive level of expertise as well as a passion for what they do. The value of a Pilates studio can be measured by the experience and expertise of the staff, but the next most important component is the quality of the equipment they use.

We’re dedicated to being the best Pilates gym, which is why we are equipped with the Allegro Reformer with Tower machines. We chose these machines because they provide the ability to perform Cadillac/Trapeze moves, which result in a stronger, more toned body, not a bulky one.

Classes or individual instruction: what’s best for you?

In the interest of safety and maximum effectiveness, Propel recommends anyone new to the workout start with several private Pilates classes in order to learn the ropes. After that, it’s a personal choice. Some folks find themselves extra motivated in a group setting while others enjoy having the full focus of their Pilates instructor in a private session. We offer a wide variety of options to suit all of our members’ preferences. We’ll even design a class to meet your particular needs. Dreaming of a Pilates for men class for you and a couple of your buddies? We’re happy to accommodate you!

Call or drop by our large, state-of-the-art studio today to find out more about how Pilates can benefit you.