Pilates for a sculpted upper body

Pilates for a sculpted upper body

Pilates is known for building core strength.  But, Pilates exercises can work to tone your arms for long, lean muscles. When done correctly, Pilates arm exercises engage your upper body as well as your core. It’s important to concentrate on both your posture and your movements, the alignment of your spine and torso, as well as your breathing.

A strong core helps to improve your upper body strength. If your core is weak, full-body movements and other exercises, such as push-ups, will suffer. When your core is strong, it helps you to perform more repetitions and/or to lift more weight, but in a good form. This, in turn, helps to improve strength and endurance throughout your entire body.

Your upper body will benefit from Pilates exercises as your muscles start to tone up, and you gain flexibility in your arms, shoulders, and back. This flexibility and strength in your upper body is integrated with your core, and, together, helps your body to function better as a whole.

Add upper body strength

As you age or gain weight, you tend to lose muscle tone in your upper arms. While some of this can be attributed to the natural aging process, a lack of tone in your arms is most often due to a lack of exercise.

We usually think about strengthening and toning the muscles in our arms using some type of equipment such as heavy dumbbells or kettlebells. But, you can also try the Pilates method which uses lighter, 1-3 pound dumbbells and instead, focuses on control, concentration, and breathing to increase the number of repetitions you’re doing.

Recent studies have shown that traditional mat Pilates exercises also improve upper body strength in middle-age women.  Examples of Pilates mat exercises that can help to strengthen and tone your upper body include Pilates Press, Arm Circles, Scapula Isolation, the Dip Kick, and the Pilates Push-up.

Get toned from the waist up

Pilates exercises are a great way to achieve those toned arms and shoulders by creating long, lean, and sleek muscles. An added benefit is that you’re also strengthening your back muscles which, in turn, improves your posture and contributes to a slimmer looking you.

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