Pilates for older adults

Pilates for older adults

One of the most important things that older adults can do for their health is to engage in some type of regular exercise. Establishing a regular exercise routine can make you stronger, help to prevent bone loss, improve your balance and coordination, boost your memory and mood, and even relieve the pain and symptoms of some medical conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson’s.

The problem is that many forms of exercise can be hard on the body of an older adult. Pilates exercises are a great way to stay in shape while at the same time reducing the risk of injury that other forms of exercise, such as weight-bearing exercises, may pose. They’re a great way to keep fit without overdoing it.

Pilates exercises focus on building a strong core which includes the deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles closest to your spine. Many of the exercises that build and strengthen your core are low impact and only partially weight-bearing. Additionally, many can be performed in a sitting or even a reclining position thereby decreasing the risk for severe impacts on your joints when compared to other types of workouts.

Improving balance and stability

One of the most concerning issues for older adults is the decrease in coordination and balance. Statistics from a 2008 study have shown that approximately one in three people over the age of 65 fall at least once per year and that 10%-15% of these falls result in some type of serious injury.

Loss of muscle strength and joint flexibility are some of the primary causes of balance and stability issues as you age. Pilates exercises help to increase the strength and flexibility in both your core and legs. They target the specific muscles around the joints that are used for balance and posture. By helping to strengthen and rebalance the muscles around your joints, Pilates can improve your core strength, flexibility, and coordination which are all important factors to increasing your stability and improving your balance.

A gentler way to keeping fit and in shape

Pilates is a great way for older adults to get fit and to stay healthy. There are a variety of different Pilates classes to choose from, and most exercises can be modified to accommodate a wide range of conditions — Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, and even Chair Pilates for older adults with restrictions.

Once you’ve made the decision to try Pilates, the next step is to find a Pilates studio. Remember — not all Pilates studios are created equal! Propel Pilates and Fitness, located in Rancho Bernardo, is one of the largest and best equipped Pilates and personal training studios in North County San Diego.

Our goal is to provide you with a precise, focused, and safe workout that will help you to achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals. All of our instructors are certified through internationally recognized Pilates organizations.

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