Pilates workouts for runners

Pilates workouts for runners

If you’re a runner, you know that it’s not enough to have strong legs to be a good; you need a strong core to help with breathing and overall physical endurance. Having strong core muscles in your chest, abdomen, and back significantly helps to prevent and/or reduce the incidence of running-related injuries. Pilates is a mind body conditioning discipline which is designed to increase your body awareness, flexibility, core strength and posture.

Pilates workouts for runners help by strengthening as well as properly stretching muscles which really helps to reduce injuries. Pilates also helps runners focus on their breathing; it teaches deep breathing from the diaphragm. This makes it easier to breathe more smoothly while running which improves a runner’s overall efficiency and endurance. This is especially important for distance runners who participate in marathons.

Propel Pilates, the largest and best equipped Pilates and personal training studio in North County San Diego, is committed to providing safe and focused workouts which can be modified to fit your specific needs as a runner. We offer you a full line of Pilates and personal training equipment. All of our instructors are certified through Pilates or Personal Training organizations.

Avoiding injury through preparation

Many runners are constantly plagued by minor injuries — tight hamstrings, sore knees, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints — which can be prevented with a program of strength training and stretching. This can help to reduce your risk of developing more serious injuries which would require taking time off from your regular running routine.

Pilates can help prepare runners by increasing their strength and flexibility. Loosening up muscles can reduce strain on ligaments and tendons in your knees, ankles, and other parts of your lower body which really take a beating from the constant impact of running. Enhancing your core strength improves balance and alignment, helping to distribute the impact force of running more evenly throughout your body. Pilates encourages more controlled movements which leads to better posture, improving your running form and efficiency.

Recognized as one of the top Pilates studios in the San Diego area, our qualified instructors at Propel Pilates can design a program to help strengthen your muscles in order to provide better support to your whole body. We offer private sessions or a variety of small group classes which have been designed to be your specific fitness goals.

Start training in a better way

The benefits of Pilates for runners are many. The foundation of Pilates is based on exercises that improve breathing, flexibility, posture and encourage proper body mechanics. Pilates training for runners can help to significantly reduce and even prevent injuries. Propel Pilates is the first and only studio in the area to offer its clients the “COREAlign Unit” — an exercise machine that helps to develop strength, coordination, and balance.

Check out our website to get an idea of what classes are available. Or, better yet, drop in to the studio, meet the instructors and see for yourself why Propel Pilates is the premier studio for Pilates.