What to look for in a Pilates Instructor

What to look for in a Pilates Instructor

Pilates is a mind-body approach to fitness for the whole body. It focuses on core strengthening, flexibility, and body awareness. Choosing the right Pilates teacher is essential if you want to get the most out of your sessions. Equally as important is making sure that you’re getting the proper training necessary to avoid any injury while you’re doing Pilates exercises.

So, it’s important that, before you invest both your time and money, you know what to look for in a Pilates instructor. The best instructors for Pilates are those who have been certified through a comprehensive and reputable certification program. This type of program should include 500 plus hours of lectures, training, practice, and student teaching. Check to see if your instructor has been certified by an organization such as the Pilates Method Alliance, a professional association and certifying agency for Pilates teachers.

Choosing the right Pilates instructor

The type of Pilates, whether it’s mat or equipment, can also be a factor when choosing a Pilates instructor. The level of training that a prospective instructor has is important because some training courses only cover mat exercises while others provide more specialized instruction on the full range of Pilates equipment.

Make sure that the instructor has training and experience in dealing with clients that have specific physical injuries or conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, that may need to have modifications made to his or her exercise program. Finding an instructor who has additional experience in other fields such as dance, yoga, or aerobics can be an added benefit.

A good choice for a Pilates instructor is one that is knowledgeable and experienced, is responsive to your needs and fitness goals, and is able to provide you with a safe and effective Pilates experience.

If you’re looking to find a Pilates instructor and/or studio, the best place to start is with recommendations from friends and family. Plan on visiting several studios in your area. Determine what your fitness goals are and then make a list of questions that you would like to ask potential instructors in order to find a good fit for you.

The more you know

The more you know about what to look for when choosing a Pilates instructor, the better your chances are of finding the right instructor and studio for your fitness needs. Propel Pilates and Fitness, located in Rancho Bernardo, is dedicated to providing a precise, focused, and safe workout that will enable you to achieve all of your fitness goals.

All of our instructors are certified through internationally recognized Pilates organizations and adhere to strict training and certification guidelines. In addition, they participate in ongoing continuing education to maintain their certifications. Propel is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance.

Check out our website to read about our instructors, get an idea of the classes that we offer, and other Pilates-related topics such as what you should wear to Pilates classes.