Live in Poway? Get more core support with Pilates at Propel

Live in Poway? Get more core support with Pilates at Propel

If you’re looking for a Pilates studio in Poway, consider Propel Pilates and Fitness Studio. Located a short drive away in Rancho Bernardo, Propel is considered by many fitness experts to be one of the premier studios for Pilates, personal training, and weight loss in North County. Propel offers a wide variety of classes – small group classes, semi–and private sessions. Whether you’re a newcomer to Pilates or looking for some intermediate or advanced classes using Pilates equipment such as the Reformer or the BOSU balls, our expert instructors will design a workout with your fitness goals in mind.

Pilates is a mind-body workout that teaches you body awareness, good posture, and ease of movement. Even though Pilates is a low impact, gentle workout, it will help to improve your flexibility and balance, your strength and stamina, your coordination, and even help to decrease your level of stress.

Pilates in Poway? Try Propel Pilates and Fitness to help get you into shape so you can enjoy some of the great recreational opportunities that Poway has to offer.

Your core and why it is so important

Joseph Pilates believed that having “core power” — in other words, having strong core muscles — is fundamental to improving your flexibility, balance, and posture. He felt that strengthening and stabilizing these muscles was the key to total fitness which is the foundation for today’s Pilates exercises.

A Pilates workout is one of the best ways to develop and tone your core. Your “core” consists of your abdominal muscles along with the muscles that are closest to your spine. By doing Pilates exercises, you can strengthen your back which can help prevent injury and offer relief from chronic back pain. It can also give your abs a good workout which can result in a flatter and toned tummy.

At Propel, we’re experts in Pilates training

Since we first opened our doors in August of 2008, our Pilates instructors and personal trainers have been committed to providing our clients with safe and focused workouts that help them to achieve their fitness and wellness goals as well as weight loss goals. Our Pilates trainers are some of the finest in the San Diego area. They are certified through internationally recognized Pilates training organizations and bring to the studio a great combination of energy, knowledge, expertise, and a willingness to share this with you.

Visit our website and read some of the reviews by our satisfied clients. Take a look at our schedule of classes and see what fits your personal needs. Sign up for our free introductory session and come see what all the excitement is about!