How Pilates contributes to San Diego’s ranking as one of America’s fittest cities

How Pilates contributes to San Diego’s ranking as one of America’s fittest cities

In 2008, the American College of Sports Medicine began ranking the fifty most heavily populated cities in the United States based on the health and fitness levels of its citizens. The American Fitness Index (AFI) takes into account such things as access to health care, community support of physical fitness, chronic disease levels, and others, all of which contribute to an increased life expectancy for local denizens.

San Diego has consistently ranked in the top 10 on the the AFI, climbing from number eight overall in 2008 to number three in 2014. There are many factors that contribute to the fitness level of San Diego’s residents, including being located on the lovely Pacific Coast which encourages an active beach lifestyle. And, with plenty of access to healthy food and nearly constant sunshine, it’s easy to work healthy choices into one’s everyday routine.

At Propel Pilates, we believe in treating the whole person when it comes to his or her health. We offer a wide range of Pilates classes, personal training, nutrition counseling, and weight loss programs to help our customers not only get fit, but to thrive. We’re committed to helping San Diego remain at the top of the America’s fittest cities list.

Combining indoor and outdoor activities

Despite the balmy weather and variety of things to do outside, there’s also an advantage to performing indoor physical activities in San Diego. Pilates exercises are designed to address every muscle group in the body. In addition, it places particular emphasis on the core strengthening, which improves balance and posture and provides added support to the spine.

The Propel Pilates Studio is designed to feel light, airy and comfortable, so you don’t feel like you’re inside a “stuffy gym”. Our instructors are highly trained and friendly, and we make an effort to make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome, from the first-timer to the expert.

Continuing the physical journey

Even if you’re already active — perhaps, a lifelong surfer, jogger, or weight lifter — Pilates classes offer a chance to try alternative workouts in Southern California. It’s always good to challenge your body with new types of exercise if you want to maintain and/or improve your fitness level.

Drop by or call Propel Pilates today and discover a whole new way to improve your physical conditioning and have fun doing it!