Propel offers Free PIlates session in San Diego

Propel offers Free PIlates session in San Diego

The favored workout for ballet dancers and gymnasts, Pilates is a great way to build muscles and increase your strength and stamina without “bulking up”. Pilates workouts focus on improving posture, joint mobility, balance and flexibility along with strengthening your core abdominal and back muscles.

Propel Pilates and Fitness is North County San Diego’s largest and best equipped Pilates and personal training studio. Propel offers everything you need to get into shape in one place — Pilates, personal training, and a comprehensive weight loss program that offers online nutrition planning, metabolic testing, and counseling with a registered dietitian.

Whether you’re a beginner to Pilates or looking for intermediate or advanced classes, Propel offers a variety of different classes to accommodate your needs. From small group classes and semi-private sessions to private sessions with one of our experienced trainers, we are the go-to studio for Pilates in San Diego.

If you’re interested in learning more about our studio and programs, visit our website to sign up for a free, introductory session.

Try Pilates and see what it can do for you

The benefits of Pilates are many! Pilates exercises focus on improving your overall flexibility, strength, and stability which helps to prevent injury. In addition, the Pilates workout is low impact with gentle, controlled movements that help with pain relief and may also be beneficial for other medical conditions including scoliosis, fibromyalgia, pelvic floor atrophy, and lower back pain.

Of course, we all want to banish those “muffin tops”, and, with Pilates training, you will work to strengthen your core to help get a flat tummy and narrower waistline. And, Pilates can help you with your weight loss goals because it focuses on your major muscle groups and helps you to build and keep muscle mass which is one of the best ways to burn more calories.

Pilates helps to improve your posture by firming up your abdominal muscles and the muscles in your lower back. By learning how to strengthen your core muscles, you’ll start to stand up straighter and get the added benefit of looking thinner!

Reviews for our North County San Diego studio

At Propel Pilates and Fitness our instructors are committed to providing you with a workout designed to help you to achieve all of your fitness, wellness, and weight loss goals. All of our Pilates teachers are trained and certified by Pilates or personal training groups that are recognized internationally.

When you visit our website to sign up for your free introductory session, take some time to read the testimonials from some of our satisfied clients. Take a look at the Yelp reviews of our studio and our instructors, and you’ll see why Propel Pilates is a San Diego favorite.