Pilates vs. yoga – Is one better than the other?

Pilates vs. yoga – Is one better than the other?

Remember when those in the fitness business commonly used the phrase, “no pain, no gain”? Just a few decades ago many people believed getting in shape could only be accomplished by exercising at such a high difficulty level, it literally left you hurting. Nowadays we know that pushing your body to the point of pain does not generally translate to an improvement in overall health. In fact, this philosophy can lead to both exercise burn-out and injuries, which is why more and more people are turning to gentler yet highly effective exercise programs like yoga and Pilates.

Both practices were developed to increase stability and flexibility while creating lean, toned muscles. In terms of which is better for you, Pilates vs. yoga, both are equally beneficial. Karen Rickett, owner and fitness director of San Diego’s premier group workout studio, Propel Pilates, will tell you it comes down to personal choice. Yoga has more of a spiritual element and is focused largely on flexibility, while the goal of Pilates is full body strength training with an emphasis on toning key areas supporting the core and spine.

The practice of Pilates revolves around the fact that strengthening one’s core improves posture, balance and strength. And the good news is that no skill is required to get started. All you need is the desire to look and feel better both inside and out, and you’ll be amazed at how fast your body is transformed!

Understanding the benefits before class starts

Along with getting enough sleep and eating well, an integral part of any healthy lifestyle is exercise. Many of us sit at desks all day, often hunching over a computer keyboard, which wreaks havoc on the spine. Simply adding yoga or Pilates to your routine can help resolve this issue. There are yoga positions aimed at lengthening the spine, and one of the many benefits of Pilates is the focus on strengthening the core, which improves posture as well as overall body alignment.

The dedicated instructors at Propel Pilates, one of the most highly rated Pilates studios in San Diego, can work with you to not only create better posture but tone your body into a strong, lean machine. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, welcoming atmosphere and a one-on-one approach to each of our members, which is why we consistently receive five star customer ratings.

Check out the website or stop in to meet the amazing staff, tour the facility and discuss how to prepare for the pilates class that is just right for you.

Why not both?

Serving Rancho Bernardo and surrounding communities, Propel Pilates is proud to be known as one of San Diego’s best pilates studios. Because each person has different skills, likes and goals, we’ll work with you personally to develop a program that fits your needs to a tee. We offer classes in all the different types of pilates, and encourage our members to explore the various programs to see which is best suited to them. In fact, we think you should try them all.

We encourage our members to vary their workouts between the different styles of pilates, because, as in the case of pilates vs. yoga, you can’t get too much of a good thing!