Poway Pilates: Propel is you go-to studio

Poway Pilates: Propel is you go-to studio

Just a short drive from Poway is Propel Pilates and Fitness Studio, considered to be one of the best studios for Pilates, personal training, and weight loss in San Diego’s North County. At Propel we offer Pilates classes for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced. Private sessions involving one client and one trainer are great for beginners to Pilates or for those that need more of a therapeutic program. Also offered are semi-private sessions where one trainer will work with 2-4 clients and can be scheduled for days and/or times that are more suited to your personal and work schedules.

At Propel we offer a variety of group classes — Pilates Reformer, Pilates X-Treme, and Fitness Boot Camp — which are designed with your fitness goals in mind. You’ll get the opportunity to use the Pilates equipment in our studio such as the BOSU balls, Allegro Reformer with tower, the Pilates chair and the Cadillac/Trapeze.

Propel Pilates has also developed a comprehensive weight loss program that includes online meal planning, nutrition and behavior modification counseling, metabolic testing, and weekly sessions with a Pilates instructor or personal trainer.

Poway has lots of activities: are you up to them?

If you live in Poway, then you know about the wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The Lake Poway Recreation Area provides great outdoor recreational activities for the whole family. The city of Poway has 55 miles of hiking trails that wind their way throughout the city and into the surrounding foothills. Spend the day hiking or mountain biking the 6 mile round trip along the Iron Mountain Peak Trail or take the 3 mile Lake Poway Trail which goes around beautiful Lake Poway. Blue Sky Ecological Reserve has 3 trails of varying difficulty from which you can enjoy the rich diversity of plant and animal life found there.

If it’s sports you’re into, Community Park, in the heart of Poway, has a lot to offer including a skate park, numerous ball fields, the Adventure Playground, and even a park to enjoy with your four-legged friends.

If you need to get into shape to be able enjoy the variety of outdoor activities in and around Poway, Propel Pilates can provide you with a focused and safe workout experience that will help you to achieve your fitness goals so that you can get outside and enjoy an invigorating hike or an enthusiastic game of baseball with friends and family.

Try us once, and you’ll stay forever

Our philosophy at Propel Pilates and Fitness is to provide all of our clients with the tools necessary for them to meet and exceed their fitness and wellness goals. To that end, we have some of the best instructors, personal trainers, and weight loss experts on our staff to ensure that you get the most out of every workout.

Visit our website and check out the reviews from our satisfied customers. Take advantage of our convenient online scheduling and start getting fit today.