Join the Reformers Club!

Join the Reformers Club!

In health conscious California, there is no shortage of establishments offering group exercise classes from which you can choose. These places offer classes ranging from yoga to extreme spinning, and everything in between. Maybe you’ve even tried a few, but haven’t yet found one that fits your unique personality and fitness goals. Perhaps you found the classes to be overcrowded, the movements targeting only part of your body. Well, at Propel Pilates fitness club, we think we have the perfect solution for you: Pilates Reformer.

Our group Reformer classes are intentionally small, limited to 2-7 students, so you can get the personalized attention you need from our expert instructors. We utilize state of the art equipment, such as the Allegro Reformer with Tower, which offers a strengthening and toning workout designed to target your whole body. Whether your goal is to increase your flexibility and joint mobility, strengthen and tone, or improve your athletic ability, our San Diego, CA facility is the best studio for Pilates Reformer classes.

How are Reformer classes different?

Pilates, in general, is a highly respected fitness workout, used by by both professional and amateur athletes to improve their athletic function. So how is Reformer Pilates different? The answer lies in our equipment. The Tower allows for a full body strength training workout that creates long, lean muscle tone, rather than bulk. This apparatus, along with the BOSU Pilates chair and fitness bands, improves flexibility and posture, and helps increase stamina. And the health benefits of the low impact activity are not limited to the aforementioned outcomes. Students can experience significant weight loss as well.

Classes and pricing

If you are searching for a unique and whole body exercise experience, and would like to know more about Reformer Pilates classes in San Diego, talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives. We offer private and semi-private sessions, in addition to our group classes. And there are a number of flexible payment options, including pay per class, so you need not commit until you are ready to become a part of the club. Contact us today to learn about Pilates and how it can change your body and your life.