Looking for a gym in San Diego?

Looking for a gym in San Diego?

When most people think of the gym, they imagine a windowless room filled with heavily muscled people, grimacing and grunting away at the weight machines. Sound unappealing? Would you be surprised to discover that, among the best gyms in San Diego, is a modern, light-filled Pilates Studio? One look inside Propel Pilates shows people having fun while improving their health and fitness, all in a one–stop–shop environment.

Propel ranks so highly among San Diego gyms because, in addition to a wide range of Pilates classes that result in gaining muscle and improving core strength and flexibility, we offer additional programs dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. We’re committed to helping you improve your health through a combination of fitness, diet and lifestyle changes.

Did you know San Diego is ranked among the most fit cities in America?

The American College of Sports Medicine has ranked San Diego among the best cities for fitness in part because year round balmy weather and beach access allow for a plethora of outdoor activities. There are more factors that come into play, however, such as the availability of healthy food choices, preventative medical care, and access to fitness facilities. In combination with outdoor activities, adding Pilates classes into your weekly routine is a great way to ensure you reach your optimum health goals.

If you’re looking to find the best Pilates classes in San Diego, we encourage you to check out our studio in Rancho Bernardo. We offer a wide array of classes for students of every level and have qualified weight loss and nutrition experts on staff. We strive to provide a clean, bright, and open environment to encourage a fun and relaxing way to get and stay healthy.

Joining the gym

To encourage our new members who are signing up for Pilates classes at Propel, we offer a first session discount. Consider our Pilates gym when trying to find a gym in San Diego. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the nice atmosphere and amazing benefits you can achieve with the help of our highly trained instructors.

Call or stop by today to discuss how we can help you to start down the path to good health.