Could San Diego be the Pilates capital of the world?

Could San Diego be the Pilates capital of the world?

San Diego residents are proud of the fact that their city was listed third in the 2015 American Fitness Report produced by the American College of Sports Medicine. The rankings are based on a composite of preventive health behaviors, chronic disease, health care access, and community resources that support physical activities.

One of the biggest benefits of living in this beach community just north of the California/Mexico border, is the many outdoor activities available to residents. Activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, walking and running are always possible because San Diego enjoys moderate temperatures and blue skies nearly year round.

Those in the area who want to achieve a their peak level of fitness have added PIlates to their workout routine. Pilates is a group of revolutionary, low impact exercises that emphasizes strengthening the core muscles and toning the entire body, both of which are beneficial when endeavoring to do any other physical activity.

Propel: best reformer classes in San Diego

Propel PIlates has been helping San Diegans get into shape since opening its doors in 2008. We are unique in that we tailor each member’s workout to his or her particular capabilities, goals and desires. For example, if the goal is to build full body strength and tone muscles, we recommend our Pilates Reformer classes. We utilize the Allegro Reformer with Tower, which gives the user the ability to perform Cadillac/Trapeze work.

Our version of Reformer PIlates is perfect for someone who wants to improve posture, flexibility and stamina along with overall strength. The result is a balanced body, one that is strong and toned without appearing bulky.

Every level, from beginner to expert

The classes and individual training programs at Propel are suitable for all levels of fitness. Our beginner classes introduce members to the basics of Pilates, and we also offer classes in graduating levels of expertise and difficulty. We boast some of the area’s best instructors who are highly trained and knowledgeable in both the art of PIlates as well as all of the machines in our well-equipped studio. The staff at Propel is particularly excited to be part of a community whose residents value an active lifestyle.

Anyone who’s interested in becoming the best version of themselves is invited to drop into our Rancho Bernardo location, and see for themselves the amazing transformation brought about by adding PIlates into their fitness routine.