You can’t wait until summer to get beach ready

You can’t wait until summer to get beach ready

With the explosion of technological advances over the past thirty years, human beings have become accustomed to having what they need at their fingertips. Computers, smart phones, tablets, and many other devices provide instant entertainment and information. No more driving to the library and pulling a volume of the encyclopedia to answer a pressing question. A couple of keystrokes on a computerized device, and your curiosity is satisfied in seconds.

With all of this convenience, though, sometimes we have to be reminded that there are areas of our lives such as weight loss and fitness in which there’s no substitution for good old hard work and patience. Who wouldn’t love to be able to snap their fingers in May and be bikini ready in June? But the reality is that getting the summer beach body you want requires a longer term commitment.

The highly knowledgeable staff at Propel Pilates, a full service fitness and weight loss studio, encourage you to consider winter and spring training that will have you loving the way you look by summer. We take a comprehensive approach to helping you feel and look better; with personal trainers on staff, a wide variety of Pilates classes to choose from, metabolic testing and customized weight loss programs.

Weight loss plans that start today

Propel Fitness have many different styles and sizes of Pilates classes to choose from at our Rancho Bernardo location. We’ve worked hard to create a bright, clean, comfortable atmosphere that has earned us the reputation as one of the best studios in San Diego. When you join Propel, you will get personalized attention, tips on healthy eating, and a solid plan as to how to accomplish your goal weight loss for summer. In addition, we will help you address and improve what you consider to be problem areas on your body.

One of the most common goals people have when starting a weight loss program is to get rid of their “muffin top”. This expression refers to carrying excess fat around the middle, which then spills over the waistband of pants. Pilates, while strengthening and toning all over, is particularly focused on improving your core. When you tighten your abs and the muscles in your back, the benefits include better posture, less back pain, and the ability to flatten your tummy fast.

Meet Propel

If you’re ready to start working to get your body summer ready, Propel Pilates is here to help. Stop by and meet our staff of highly trained and certified instructors, undergo testing to design the most effective weight loss program for you, and start on your way to the bikini body of your dreams. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you begin to feel better, look younger and have more energy to do the things you want.