What should you wear to Pilates class?

What should you wear to Pilates class?

If you’ve never attended a Pilates class before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a completely unique exercise regimen that is an effective way to tone and strengthen your muscles, lose inches, and increase your flexibility without the potential injuries incurred during high impact exercise. If that sounds good to you, your next question is probably what should you wear to Pilates?

At Propel Pilates, we encourage our students to wear breathable clothing that wicks away moisture and comfortable shoes with socks. Pilates clothing also should be loose fitting to allow for full range of motion. A good example would be yoga pants and a light, mesh top. We also suggest you bring an extra change of clothes, so that your muscles don’t cool down too quickly by leaving the gym in your sweaty outfit.

Where to buy clothes for Pilates

Buying clothes for PIlates is easy. You can visit a store that sells sporting clothes or, if you prefer to let your fingers do the shopping, Amazon.com is a great resource. When shopping on their site, you’ll be able to read reviews for the Pilates clothing that they sell, which is very helpful in knowing whether or not they live up to the description. You can also find a good selection of exercise shorts and tank tops at department stores such as Target.

Remember, you’re not trying to be the most fashionable person in the gym! Comfort and functionality are the most important factors when choosing your workout gear.

Coming to class

Getting ready for your first Pilates class? We make it fun and easy. Propel Pilates in San Diego offers different class sizes, so that you can find the one that is the best fit for you. We have private sessions and group classes; you can even schedule classes online to ensure your spot when you arrive.

Call or stop in today and find out how you can transform your workout routine and your body with Pilates.