Why everyone should do Pilates

Why everyone should do Pilates

As kids, we get plenty of exercise playing outside with friends, taking P.E. at school, and participating in organized sports. Once we enter adult life, however, those activities vanish, and the lifestyle of the average American does not leave much time to build in physical activity. The result is an increase in the rates of serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Because your very life depends on it, you need to find an exercise program that not only helps you stay strong, fit and healthy, but is fun. Why does it have to be fun? If you have to drag yourself to the gym and spend your time there counting down the minutes until you can leave, odds are very good you’ll eventually quit.

The Pilates method can improve your health and reshape your body, regardless of age, gender and fitness level, and with some 500 exercises and thousands of modifications, it never gets boring nor becomes less challenging.

What can Pilates do for you? 

  • Pilates can be tailored to every level of student, from beginning to advanced. As you get better, the moves will get more challenging, so you won’t plateau.
  • Pilates works every muscle group, providing whole-body toning and strength not bulk.
  • Pilates builds your core, which supports good posture and overall stability, decreases back pain, improves balance and more.
  • Pilates increases flexibility and range of motion by stretching and lengthening muscles.
  • Pilates improves your energy level and mental health by increasing breathing and blood flow and causing the release of endorphins.

The benefits are tremendous

If you commit and follow through with regular Pilates sessions, you should notice your body reshaping to appear longer and leaner. The improvement in posture and increased overall flexibility will help you move more gracefully and feel more comfortable in your body throughout the day. 

And the benefits to your health are numerous. Pushing your muscles, working up a sweat, and maintaining steady activity for a 60 minute class also helps boost your metabolism, promotes weight loss, and improves cardiovascular health, to name a few.

At Propel Pilates in the San Diego area, many of our instructors have stories about their own body transformations achieved through Pilates. That’s why they’re passionate about sharing this incredibly beneficial program with men and women of all ages and fitness levels. 

Drop by or schedule a free trial class online and discover all the ways Pilates can reshape your body and improve your health.