Do you need special socks for Pilates?

Do you need special socks for Pilates?

While most studios do not require their students to wear socks during yoga and Pilates classes, it may be advisable to do so. Wearing Pilates socks may decrease your chance of getting injured. For example, have you found yourself losing your footing during class? If so, you might consider purchasing either socks or light shoes that are designed specifically with this exercise in mind. Non-slip is required, but other than that, what you choose to wear comes down to personal preference.

At Propel Pilates, maintaining a clean, hygienic facility is of the utmost importance. We are diligent about cleaning all surfaces, including our PIlates machines on a regular basis. That said, we recognize that germs are inevitable. One of the best way to protect yourself from inheriting them is to put on proper footwear for Pilates class such as toeless socks.

Rule #1: Be comfortable

We’re often asked which company makes the best socks for Pilates. Honestly, that comes down to your comfort and safety. Make sure you buy footwear that have rubber grips on the bottom in order to provide good traction whether you’re on a mat or a Reformer machine. Some students find that their feet become cold during the warmup and cool down period. We suggest finding a pair of full coverage, comfortable socks to help with this issue.

Everything else you need to know about Pilates

Have you been hesitant about attending a Pilates class because you’re new to the sport? Don’t let lack of information stop you from trying this great form of exercise! Propel is staffed with some of the best Pilates instructors in Southern California. Stop by our San Diego Pilates studio, and let us fill you in on everything you need to know about Pilates.

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