Many is the day that I came in sore and hunched over, and leave 2 inches taller.
— Wanda M.

I love the whole concept too because its very non-impact.
— Lisa H.

Rachel is an amazing instructor. She pays attention to each student in the class to be sure we are in proper form.
— Aggie G.

You can tell the women that work here are really passionate about teaching Pilates.
— Bri V.

A welcoming and un-intimidating Pilates studio with instructors who are approachable and offer encouragement.
— G L.

The love you and your team put into what you do truly shows and helps feed our motivation
— Corinne L.

My body has changed in amazing ways over the past few months; I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life.
— Christine S.

I have been going for about a year and I have to say my body has never looked better!
— Lefev J.

I would recommend trying this place over anywhere else in the area
— Brendan L.

This is the best Pilates place around. Clean,with great instructors.
— Sharon S.

Karen and her team of instructors are knowledgeable and tailor the classes to the needs of the participants.
— Kelly B.

I love Propel! The classes are enjoyable yet challenging.
— Katee M.

The instructors know which exercises are appropriate and not appropriate for my chronic back and shoulder condition.
— Stephanie I.

Going to Propel is the one thing I do enjoy doing and you will too if you try it.
— Auzon A.

I recommend that anyone try this place!
— Wanda M.

Check out this Pilates studio. You won’t be disappointed!
— G L.

The environment is great, the people are awesome, and the training will keep you in tip top condition.
— Brendan L.