Teacher Training

Comprehensive teacher training program

Propel Pilates and Fitness is now a hosting site to Pilates Sports Center (PSC) teacher training. Train to be a Pilates Instructor, share your knowledge of Pilates with others, and make a living doing something you enjoy!

Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program and Workshops

PSC, founded in 2000 in Studio City, CA had the vision of offering quality Pilates instruction and focused on fitness and low back care of its clients. Since then, the studio has grown and moved, added many qualified instructors, and taken on the rewarding task of developing a Pilates Teacher Training Program.

The cutting edge approach to Pilates education

Propel Pilates and Fitness is hosting the PSC Teacher Training Program, which produces some of the most skilled and capable trainers in the country. PSC teaches a contemporary approach to the original exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s; one that preserves the essence of the original technique but incorporates today’s knowledge and principles.

The PSC Program is an internationally recognized teacher training program specializing in both “Classical” and “West Coast” Pilates. Click here to see what makes the PSC Program unique. Courses will meet twice weekly for 3-4 hours per class. The full course takes 15 weeks to complete. Modular programs are also available. Click here for more information, course details, and an application form.


  • Experience in a minimum of 30 hours of Pilates instruction with a certified instructor.
  • Application, questionnaire, entrance interview, tuition deposit, and liability waiver.
  • Propel Pilates and Fitness reserves the right to refuse admittance to any applicant.



For information and upcoming training dates please call 858-829-5832 or email us.