Group exercises in Rancho Bernardo

Group exercises in Rancho Bernardo

A great way to motivate yourself to work out is to participate in group exercises, where you can feed off the energy in the room. The instructors at Propel Pilates in San Diego understand this and strive to make their classes fun while still being very effective. Pilates is one of the best exercise classes for women because it was designed to improve flexibility, strength and muscle tone. Instead of the bulky look that traditional weight training can sometimes result in, Pilates helps you achieve a long, lean-looking physique.

If you’re looking for fun group activities in Rancho Bernardo, consider trying a free Pilates class at our studio. You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy this low impact workout and how quickly you will begin to see improvements in your fitness level. We offer classes at different times and for all levels. Whether you’re brand new to Pilates or are an expert, there’s a class for you.

Fitness fun close to home

Located in lovely Rancho Bernardo, we’re a full service facility. In addition to private and group fitness classes, we offer individualized weight loss programs and personal training sessions. People come from all over the North County San Diego area to take advantage of Propel Pilate’s top of the line equipment, qualified instructors and friendly, clean environment.

If you want to get fit and look your best without the damaging impact of other cardio exercise routines, Pilates is a great choice for you.

We’re ready for you

To learn more about Pilates classes in San Diego, check out the Propel studio website. You’ll find a schedule of available class times, bios of our instructors and other information about our location. You can even sign up for group exercise classes online. The best part? The first one’s on us.

Call or click today to join the Propel fitness community. We’re ready for you!