Is Pilates a good workout for men?

Is Pilates a good workout for men?

When they hear the word “Pilates”, many men assume that Pilates is not a very challenging or “manly” form of exercise for them. But, Pilates was actually started by a man — Joseph Pilates — and was originally intended as an exercise program for men. Pilates was living in England at the outbreak of World War I and was interned with other German nationals. During this time he developed Pilates exercises to help fellow internees maintain their health and fitness levels.

Ever since then, Pilates has served as a training method for elite athletes, both male and female, with men figuring prominently as instructors and promoters of the Pilates method. The benefits of Pilates including increased flexibility and the strengthening of the deep core muscles are just as relevant today as they were in the early 1900’s when Pilates brought his program to the U.S.

A growing number of men have discovered the health benefits of Pilates. Professional athletes like David Beckham, Marcellus Bennett, and Kobe Bryant, have found that Pilates has help to prevent injuries which, in turn, may have helped to prolong their careers. Celebrities including Hugh Grant, Danny Glover, and Rod Stewart use Pilates to help them with their balance and to keep toned.

The surge in the popularity of Pilates has been mostly fueled by women, but more and more men are starting to take advantage of the many benefits from doing Pilates exercises.

Pilates benefits men just as much as it does women

The elements of Pilates training – core strengthening, improving flexibility and balance, developing more efficient patterns of movement to help prevent injury, and re-connecting with the body and mind — makes Pilates a great choice for whole-body fitness as well as a foundation for cross-training with other types of sports and exercise.

Pilates works toward functional fitness with exercises that help to improve balance, posture, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Pilates can help to improve sports performance because it works to reduce imbalances in the major muscle groups that can result in injuries. It’s often used to cross-train football and baseball players.

Pilates is a mind-body discipline which uses breathing as a bridge between what your body is doing and how your mind is focusing on it at the same time. The benefit? Not only can this improve your concentration when your doing Pilates, but it can help to enhance your focus and concentration throughout the day.

Start by taking classes

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