Is Pilates good for you? Yes. Here’s why

Is Pilates good for you? Yes. Here’s why

According to Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates exercise program, having the ability to be mobile is important at any age. When he was designing his exercise program, Pilates wanted it to focus on flexibility, body awareness, and posture. Pilates exercises involve core strengthening and fitness for the whole body — it is a mind body approach to movement.

Pilates are good for you for a number of reasons. Pilates exercises can help you to develop a strong core — those deep abdominal muscles and the muscles nearest to your spine. Pilates help to improve joint mobility and muscle elasticity which helps to prevent injury. Pilates can help relieve lower back pain by strengthening your core muscles and increasing the mobility of your spine.

Unlike traditional workouts, Pilates works to condition your whole body instead of focusing on a single muscle group. The exercises condition several of your muscle groups at once which results in smoother, more continuous movements that enhance athletic performance, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of injury.

A good Pilates workout can go a long way to reducing your stress level. After your workout, you feel relaxed and physically as well as mentally invigorated.

Pilates Reformer weight loss and muscle toning

One of the most important pieces of Pilates equipment is the Pilates Reformer machine. Designed by Joseph Pilates, the Reformer is a type of resistance exercise machine. Exercises done on the Reformer promote flexibility, balance, alignment, and core strength. You can do the exercises sitting, lying down, standing up, or kneeling.

You get an intense workout on the Reformer. Benefits include improved muscle tone and endurance. Workouts will help to improve the alignment of your spine which, in turn, helps to strengthen your core muscles. With more support and stability, you’ll see an improvement in your posture which can give you a taller, “leaner” appearance.

When you exercise on the Reformer, your metabolism is increased, thereby burning more calories. You’re also increasing your muscle mass which leads to more calories being burned during exercise. The result? Your body is burning excess fat to use for its increasing energy demands.

Leading San Diego Pilates studio

If you’ve decided that it’s time to give Pilates a try, Propel Pilates and Fitness, North County San Diego’s premier Pilates studio, should be your first choice. Our Rancho Bernardo studio is conveniently located to Escondido, Poway, Carmel Mountain Ranch as well as Rancho Penasquitos and Rancho Santa Fe.

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