Pilates can help with pelvic placement

Pilates can help with pelvic placement

Why is your pelvis so important? Because it connects the upper and the lower halves of your body. And, when there is tightness in the muscles that connect to your pelvis, such as the abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and hamstrings, it can cause a variety of problems in both your upper and lower extremities. 

Improving your pelvic placement can help to support, stabilize, and strengthen your lower back (or lumbar spine) and will help to make your workout more safe and effective. And, by improving your pelvic placement, you also learn how to activate and strengthen your obliques and deep lower abdominal or pelvic floor muscles. 

Your posture and proper pelvic placement play an enormous role in maintaining your whole-body health. Doing Pilates exercises is a great way to help improve your pelvic placement, enhance your posture, and your body awareness. By putting your pelvis where it belongs, you’ll begin to develop healthier movement habits which can result in better functional movement.

Improve your posture and reduce your pain

Whether your aches and pains are above or below your pelvis, improving the placement of your pelvis will improve your posture and body mechanics, and you may find that you can move without pain. Pilates helps you to focus on finding new ways to support yourself and improve your strength, flexibility, and body mechanics by changing how you use your muscles.

The first step in improving your pelvic placement is to become more aware of your posture and breathing.  While old habits are hard to break and can make this challenging, doing Pilates on a routine basis can help your muscles and joints start working more effectively.  You’ll get stronger, have more flexibility, and start to reduce or even get rid of your pain.

To become aware of where your pelvis is positioned will take some time and some experimentation. You want to work towards spending most of your time, whether sitting, standing, or lying down in a “ neutral pelvis”. A neutral pelvis is the position of your pelvis in which the hip points and pubic bone are in the same plane, vertical when standing, horizontal when lying down. In addition, your right and left hip points are in the same plane.

When your pelvis is in neutral, it provides for a freer breath, more power from your core muscles, and better protection for your spine. 

Maintain your whole body health

By spending more time in neutral pelvis, you can help to protect your lower back, breathe more effectively, and have a much healthier alignment. Neutral pelvis is one of the building blocks of Pilates and is essential to optimal movement and a strong core.

With the help of an experienced Pilates instructor, you can master neutral pelvis and build a stronger core. At Propel Pilates and Fitness, all of our instructors are certified through internationally recognized Pilates or Personal Training organizations and are dedicated to providing you with the best Pilates workout possible to help reduce pain and improve overall health.

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