Improve your everyday life with Pilates

Improve your everyday life with Pilates

The great thing about Pilates is that everyone can do it. Because Pilates is a flexible exercise system, it can be modified to fit the needs of anyone’s body, from the beginner to even the most advanced of students. By incorporating Pilates into your everyday life, you can improve your core strength, your balance, build muscle tone, and increase your body awareness and flexibility.

Some of the physical changes to your figure will not be immediately apparent, but be patient! If you establish a regular routine of doing Pilates twice a week, you will start to see improvements. After the first several sessions, you should notice an improvement in your posture and body awareness. Muscles that you have not been using will be activated. After about 10-15 sessions, most people start to notice significant changes to their bodies.

North County San Diego’s premier Pilates studio is Propel Pilates and Fitness. Located in Rancho Bernardo, Propel Pilates is considered to be one of the premier studios for Pilates, personal training, and weight loss. Our highly experienced team of certified instructors strive to provide you with workouts that will help you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals while improving your overall health.

Energy and Motivation

Pilates is more than just a workout. Adding Pilates exercises to your daily life can give you increased energy, make you stronger, aid in relaxation and help to reduce stress and anxiety. One the fundamental elements of Pilates is learning to adopt a “neutral spine” — the natural alignment of the spine — which improves posture and helps to reduce back and neck pain which can arise from such daily activities as driving, working at a desk, or standing for long periods of time.

At Propel Pilates, we offer a great selection of Pilates classes, either private sessions or small group classes for every fitness level. Our classes are 50 minutes long and can be purchased in a variety of packages — Pilates Reformers, Fitness Boot Camp, Pilates X-treme — or, you can start out with an easy workout of floor/mat exercises.

Joining the gym

All of our instructors at Propel Pilates and Fitness are certified through internationally recognized Pilates or personal training organizations and are considered to be some of the finest in the San Diego area. They will work with your to design a personalized workout plan that will help you to meet your fitness goals.

If losing weight is one of your wellness goals, we offer a comprehensive weight loss program, including meal planning and metabolic testing, that will tell you how many calories you need to consume each day in order to lose weight and how hard you need to work to achieve your weight loss goals. We also offer online nutritional planning and counseling with a registered dietitian.

Visit our website to check out our class schedule. You can register for class online or visit our studio and take a tour of our state-of-the art facilities.