Our trainers are experts in the Pilates Reformer method

Our trainers are experts in the Pilates Reformer method

One of the most popular and effective pieces of exercise equipment on the market today is the Pilates Reformer. The Reformer consists of a two-sided frame with a flat bed in the middle called the carriage. The user lays flat on the carriage, with feet on one end and shoulders positioned snugly against a set of shoulders blocks on the other. Tension can be varied to increase or decrease the level of resistance. Attached to the frame by a set of springs, the user moves the carriage back and forth, utilizing all the major muscles groups in the body.

At Propel Pilates of San Diego, our Pilates trainers are experts in designing Reformer Pilates classes for all levels of expertise. Our classes are a wonderful way to improve full body strength without the harsh impact of many aerobic activities. Added benefits include improved posture, joint mobility, endurance and flexibility.

We have high-quality Reformer machines

Our Pilates studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art Allegro Reformer with Tower machines. We utilize these high end PIlates reformer machines in order to give our students the ability to perform Cadillac/Trapeze work, helping them to achieve toned and trim muscles without adding bulk. We offer many different class level so our members can get a great workout regardless of their expertise.

Gentle to intense: we tailor the workouts to you

One of the best ways to rehab your body after suffering injuries is to strengthen the surrounding muscles. For example, if you suffer from back pain, tightening up your core muscles, including abdominals and obliques, will take stress off of your back. Pilates is actually one of the best types of exercise for people with any kind of health issues, because it strengthens and tones the whole body with minimal impact.

If you’re ready to feel and look better than you ever have, stop by Propel today, and learn more about what Pilates can do for you.