Rancho Bernardo’s best Pilates studio

Rancho Bernardo’s best Pilates studio

Pilates is quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness programs in San Diego County. It’s an incredible way to build muscle and increase flexibility without the potential injuries and damage to the body that can result from high impact exercises. Through years of research and studies, we now know how very wrong the “no pain, no gain” philosophy of the past was.

Pilates, while definitely being a “no pain” program, is an excellent way to build strength and flexibility while protecting yourself from injury. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking if you’re not horribly sore the next day, you didn’t get a good workout. Believe it or not, you can get in shape without hurting yourself and have fun doing it!

Propel Pilates, the premier Rancho Bernardo Pilates studio, draws clients from many surrounding cities because of our open, welcoming atmosphere and highly trained instructors. As word spread through the Pilates community about the high quality of our staff and facility, we began to see people driving in from places like Poway and Encinitas to attend our unique classes. At Propel, we believe that Pilates can benefit everyone, regardless of age, fitness level and body type. We welcome everyone from first-timers to advanced athletes looking to improve in their sport.

Classes for all ability levels

Some of the folks who come through our doors are here because they want to make lifestyle changes for personal reasons or because of a medical condition. In fact, there are many reason why people come to the Propel Pilates studio, and we’re prepared to design an exercise program specific to each of their needs. In addition, owner/operator Karen Rickett has a masters in nutrition and is a credentialed Registered Dietitian. She can help you with a nutrition or diet program to pair with your new or current exercise regime.

Whatever your situation is; whether you’re new to the fitness world or you’re an intermediate student looking for more advanced exercise classes, we can accommodate you. For first-timers, we have beginner classes that are open to anyone – no experience necessary. We will guide you through every step of the way, and you’ll be amazed at how good you look and feel.

Offering Reformer Pilates classes in Rancho Bernardo, we at Propel can help you improve your overall health and achieve the fitness level you desire.

Convenient class schedules and programs

Stop in or click on our website to find a Pilates class schedule for our Rancho Bernardo studio. You’ll see that we offer a large variety of options, including small groups, private sessions, and fun classes for all levels. You can even book classes online!

Check out Propel Pilates today and take a positive step toward a happier and healthier life.