What is CoreAlign?

What is CoreAlign?

The CoreAlign™ is a functional core training device that complements Pilates equipment. CoreAlign was developed by Jonathan Hoffman, a physical therapist, who believed that your body functions and heals best when movements are anatomically sound and balanced.

Hoffman designed CoreAlign exercises in order to facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches, and core-controlled aerobic training. However, CoreAlign exercises are also great for sports performance enhancement, as a cardiovascular tool, or rehabilitation tool for gait, balance, posture training, and neuromuscular retraining.

The following individuals can benefit from doing CoreAlign exercises:

  • Aging adults and people with osteoporosis or other pain conditions
  • High level athletes who want to create a powerful core
  • Patients with balance issues
  • People rehabilitating from sports, back, neck, or joint injuries

CoreAlign is also great to use as part of a regular exercise regimen to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Part cardio, part mind-body, part strength, part alignment workout

CoreAlign emphasizes an upright position and is designed to improve posture, balance, and functional movement, and to provide a challenging workout. The device has two independent carriages that move smoothly in tracks on a platform plus a ladder to hold onto for support. 

The CoreAlign exercises can be performed with your feet or your hands on the carriages. The resistance of the carriages can be set to different levels for each exercise and/or individual client, thereby creating a wide range of movement challenges.

Some of the benefits of CoreAlign include:

  • Increases strength and flexibility as well as body awareness
  • Increases core stabilization
  • Helps to develop symmetrical movement of the body
  • Improves posture and spinal alignment
  • Helps to develop endurance
  • Help to improve balance and coordination
  • Works to integrate whole body movements

Your workout session can be done exclusively on the CoreAlign or in conjunction with a Pilates session, resulting in a workout that combines challenging strength work, core-controlled aerobic training, and deep stretches. 

Check out CoreAlign for a truly unique workout

With a variety of exercises for all levels, the CoreAlign method, like Pilates exercises, focuses on a mind-body connection while challenging and improving your balance, alignment, core strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and posture. Because the exercises are performed in an upright position, CoreAlign also provides you with an opportunity to improve your whole-body functional movements such as walking and running.

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