Pilates classes for pregnant women

Pilates classes for pregnant women

Many women have discovered that doing Pilates during pregnancy leads to an easier pregnancy and recovery after the baby is born. It’s important to do low impact or low stress workouts during pregnancy to improve overall fitness as well as to reduce any chance of injury. Pilates exercises are low impact and focus heavily on strengthening core muscles, which are needed to support the extra weight of the baby.

Taking Pilates classes during pregnancy will help you with both the pregnancy aches and pains and the impact it has on your posture. Carrying a baby to term stretches your muscles and joints; doing a workout that improves alignment and balance will reduce the pressure on your joints and spine.

Pilates is a safe and effective way to stay fit during your pregnancy. The instructors at Propel Pilates are all trained and certified in the proper techniques and can modify the program to fit your changing needs throughout the trimesters.

Top 3 benefits of prenatal Pilates

Staying fit while pregnant with Pilates exercises will ensure a faster recovery after giving birth. Your muscles will bounce back a lot more quickly because you’ve worked to keep them toned.

Additionally, the stronger core muscles achieved through this workout can prevent a separation from occurring in the superficial layer of the abdominal wall. This is called “diastasis recti”, and when it happens, there is a risk that those muscles will not properly mend.

Finally, Pilates teaches breathing techniques that can be utilized to achieve better breathing during labor.

Right here in San Diego

At our San Diego Pilates studio, the Propel instructors are experienced in teaching classes for all fitness levels. Are you someone who is energized by the other people in the room or do you prefer one-on-one? We offer group classes and private sessions, so each of our members can find the atmosphere that is just right for them.

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